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The Davòst Gastronomy comes from the passion for the rediscovery of local culinary traditions. Our dishes are: smoked meat, wild herbs in oil, wild flowers and berries syrup and various types of Frico.


The cured meats are marinated with wild herbs which gives them a very genuine and unusual flavour. Venison and Lamb speck and smoked beef are our top products, obtained by traditional processing according to ancient procedures.


Dandelion, Alpine Cicerbita (wild alpine radicchio) Wild Asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes and much more are our best herbs in oil.


You can also enjoy The Frico (symbol of Friulian cuisine) with its variations, with aromatic herbs, with mushrooms, with speck,

with apples and nuts or with chives. You can have it in our restaurant

or buy it vacuum packed to eat it at home with your family.

The elderflower syrup with which we aromatize our aperitifs and some desserts is another product of the Dolomites tradition that we offer in our gastronomy.